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How do I take a screenshot?

So we've asked you to send us a screenshot of what you're seeing when you report a problem to us. How do you do that?

On a PC

There is a button in the top right-hand corner of your keyboard called "Print Screen". Press this key. (If you use multiple monitors, this will capture both. If you only want to capture the screen in question, hold down "Alt" while pressing "Print Screen".) "Print Screen" copies the image on your monitor to your clipboard. You can then simply paste (Ctrl + V) it directly into an email or, if you prefer, into an image editor such as Photoshop and save your image for use later. If you are sending us your image via our support ticketing system, you can click the "Insert image" icon in the toolbar after you've pressed the "Print Screen" key and then paste it in that way.

On a Mac

Press Cmd + Shift + 3 to take a snapshot of the monitor. If you use multiple monitors, this will take individual snapshots of each and save them separately to your desktop. If you want to take a snapshot of a particular section of what's on your monitor, press Cmd + Shift + 4. Your cursor will change to crosshairs and you will need to click and drag around the area of which you wish to take a snapshot. When you release your mouse button, a snapshot will be created. 

In order to insert it into an email or our support ticketing system, you'll need to navigate to it on your computer and add it that way.



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