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Unable to manage PDFs in Chrome

If your default browser is Chrome, you may experience problems managing your PDFs. This is an issue with Chrome’s PDF viewer, not with the Snapper CMS. The issue consists of having none of the activity tabs displayed (i.e. “Save”, “Move page”, “Delete file”, “Close”, “Preview”, “Properties” and “Web details”). Typically, you will only see the top-level tabs (i.e. “New page”, “Upload file”, “New folder”, “Edit folder” and “Delete folder”) and a preview of the PDF.

To fix this issue, you must disable Chrome’s PDF viewer. You can view the procedure on Online Tech Tips, but the following procedure includes what you will see and do in Snapper:

  1. Open Chrome and paste chrome://plugins/ into the address bar.
  2. Locate “Chrome PDF Viewer” in the list and click the “Disable” link.
  3. Go to Snapper and click into a PDF in your site.
  4. You should see a puzzle piece on a grey background in the “Preview” area and a yellow runtime message at the top which reads “Adobe Reader needs your permission to run.” Click “Always run on this site” to ensure the runtime message will not appear upon subsequent attempts to manage your PDFs.
  5. A preview of the PDF will appear in the “Preview” area and all activity tabs will be visible.
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