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Help us help you—send helpful info with your support tickets

If something's not quite right with your website or CMS and you need to send us a support ticket, we will probably ask you for some supporting information. Receiving this information from you can make the troubleshooting process much easier and can result in faster resolution times.

The usual things we ask for are:

  • a screenshot of what you're seeing (see this article for help with this), being sure to include the web address (URL) bar at the top
  • the URL (web address) and exact location on the page (e.g. main navigation / menu item; third paragraph, second sentence; etc.), if it's an issue on your website
  • the location in the CMS (usually the path you followed to get to the trouble spot), if it's an issue in your CMS 
  • a detailed explanation of the exact steps you took to produce the problem
  • the browser (and version) you were using when the issue occurred
  • the device you were using when the issue occurred

In the case of there being an issue with any e-commerce aspect of your website, like your shopping cart or payment provider, we'd also ask for:

  • Transaction information (e.g. date/time, order number, customer name, etc.) 
  • Info you've received from the payment provider regarding the issue

Sometimes more information other than "the usual" is needed and many times you're not quite sure how to get that information for us. Well, now there is an easier way to send us some of the usual stuff along with the more technical info we may need to help resolve your issue. Support Details will gather much of the necessary information we need for you (see image below). All you need to do is enter your name, your email and our email address (support@boxharry.com) in the green fields at the top and click "Send details". All of the information shown below those fields will be sent to us. Easy peasy!

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